I came to the world in the city of Cologne, Germany in the summer of 1980. My parents were young and courageous and I was their first child.

 At the age of two, we moved to Australia and I spent my childhood growing up in a country that most people dream of visiting; an experience that I took for granted until my mid 20s.

 As a teenager, we moved to the East Coast of the USA. It was then that I became fascinated with cultures, linguistics and using my camera to capture the art of movement. I started working in restaurants and kitchens around Philadelphia. Being exposed to the culinary industry and renowned Chefs led me to discover the art of food. In between studying Sociology and Ethics, I set off to immerse myself into as much of the world as possible. I fell in love with distant places, their cultures, their history, their cuisines, and the sheer pleasure of delving into everything unknown.

 In my early 20’s I left for Belgium with nothing but a suitcase – not even a plan. My desire to understand social justice (or perhaps it was the injustice part that intrigued me most) led me to study International Law and my “year” in Belgium quickly turned into 7 years.

A job led me to Switzerland, and fate took care of the rest.

I quit the notion of needing a career and turned freelance. I continued to pursue my passions and took classes and certificate programs in art, writing, photography, design, languages, and culinary sciences.

My work as both a freelance photographer and a freelance writer are a reflection of my curiosity for the world. My camera is a tool to document the journey.

My fascination with business, networking and cross-cultural communication led me to pursue an entrepreneurial destiny of sorts. In 2014 my husband and I teamed up to start an artisanal small batch ice cream shop. Plans are underway for more exciting ventures. I feel lucky to have tasted flight and I am blessed to have recognized my passions.

 I took a detour of 33 years – but now I am back in my “home” country of Germany.

 And what about the Goldammer part?

A Goldammer is a small yellow sparrow…

 …and it seems appropriate that I was named after a bird… for “home” has come to mean the place where I most recently landed to stretch my wings, build a nest, and carpe the hell outta every diem.

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