Cucumber Mint Salad with Rose Water Vinaigrette

What I love most about this salad is how versatile it is and how well it accompanies any dish. The recipe I created below is for the vegan, lactose free version but I personally love to add crumbled feta cheese and black olives if I am looking for something a little more filling.

copyright goldammer studio

Basic Ingredients for the Salad:

Organic Cucumbers. I like to leave the peel on for a nice crunchy texture, so I make sure to choose organic cucumbers, preferably ones which have not been cultivated in a greenhouse (the difference in flavors is immense!)
Fresh Mint. This is one of the essential herbs I always have growing at home. If you can, select at least two different mint varieties and do not settle for the dried version here!
Shallots.  Sweet Onions such as Vidalia, or red onions could be used to substitute.

Rose Water Vinaigrette:

3 parts olive oil
1.5 parts red wine vinegar
2 parts rose water
1 part light honey
(acacia or orange blossom work particularly well)
dash of cardamon
dash of nutmeg
salt, pepper to taste




4 thoughts on “Cucumber Mint Salad with Rose Water Vinaigrette

  1. What a lovely idea to use rose water. I love the flavour of rose, but don’t think about using it in savoury situations. Yummed and stumbled.


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