Clementine Pomegranate Ginger Popsicles

Two of my favorite fruits are very much in season: pomegranates and clementines. Pair these two together with one of my favorite spices – fresh ginger – and I really have a match made in heaven.

pomegranate ice pops series1



The beauty about this recipe is that you do not need to add any sugar. The fruit is naturally sweet and the ginger adds a small tone of spice. The amount of clementines depends on their size and juiciness. My recommendation is to start with the pomegranate and a generous knob of fresh ginger root. Pass these through your juicer first and then add the clementines to taste. If you would like a smooth tasting Popsicle, pass the juice through a strainer first. Simply pour into Popsicle molds. Freeze. And savor.


pomegranate ice pops series

You will need:

A pomegranate
several clementines
fresh ginger root

a juicer
popsicle moulds


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